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Luffy Vs Rob Lucci

Monkey D. Luffy faces off against Rob Lucci of CP9 in an epic battle. This is just the conclusion of it where after each endures tons of fighting and pain, they execute.

Luffy, un jeune garçon, rêve de devenir le Roi des Pirates en trouvant le One Piece, le trésor ultime rassemblé par Gol D. Roger, le seul pirate à avoir jamais porté le titre de. Warning: SPOILERS for One Piece #1062 One of the most iconic One Piece villains has returned and he is on a collision course with the Straw Hats captain,.

Monkey D. Luffy vs. Rob Lucci by BunnySweetTooth on DeviantArt

One Piece - Luffys final blow vs Rob Lucci (Eng Sub)

Luffy Vs Rob Lucci. One Piece episode 309

In which episode does Luffy beat Lucci? Luffy’s rematch against Lucci takes place in episodes 294 to 309, which aired between January 21, 2007 and May 13, 2007.. This epic battle showcases the clash of ideals between Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Rob Lucci, the strongest member of the Cipher Pol 9..


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Luffy Beats Rob Lucci | One Piece

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Luffy Vs Rob Lucci.