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Cry Me A Sad River

Movie: Cry Me a Sad River; Country: China ; Release Date: Sep 30, 2018; Duration: 1 hr. 45 min. Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Melodrama; Tags: School Bullying, High School,.

CRY ME A SAD RIVER Bei Shang Ni Liu Cheng He | 悲伤逆流成河 . Directed by. Luo Luo. China, 2018. Drama, Romance. 105. Synopsis. The story spans across a decade,. River Flows To You (Chinese:悲伤逆流成河), is a television series China transmitted from July 1 of the 2019 to 30 July of the 2019, through Hunan TV. The series.

First stills of Cry Me A Sad River starring Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu

Cry me a sad river (Chinese movie) English Subtitles

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Summaries. Childhood friends Qi Ming and Yi Yao realize their feelings for each other and, over the course of a decade, explore growth and separation. Yi Yao is a withdrawn high. Synopsis. Yi Yao est une jeune fille mal dans sa peau dont le seul réconfort dans la vie est son voisin et ami d'enfance Qi Ming. Mais un jour, son monde s'écroule :.

Cry Me a Sad River ( 悲伤逆流成河) | Chinese Movie with English Subtitles

The movie based on the hot social issue, Bullying in educational institutions. The Story tells that Bullying will result a bad effect if not prevented immediately and will cause the bullied to think that life is too unfair.

Cry Me A Sad River - {Legendado}

Esse video não foi legendado por mim! CRÉDITOS: Cine Dramas Fansubs ▭▬▭▬▭▬▭▬▭▬▭▬▭▬▭▬▭▬ Sinopse: A estudante transferida,Tang Xiao Mi, gosta de Qi Ming e fica com ciúmes do bom relacionamento de Yi Yao com ele. Ela segue Yi Yao e descobre um segredo dela. Tang Xiao Mi então usa esse segredo para começar a intimidá-la na escola, e todos os...

[SUB ESP] CRY ME A SAD RIVER (La tristeza fluye como río)

Una historia que aborda el tema del bullying escolar y sigue el romance entre dos estudiantes. Yi Yao esta enamorada del chico popular de la escuela, Qi Ming. Pero Tang Xiao Mi lo descubre y forma un grupo de estudiantes para acosar a Yi Yao. Gu Sen Xi ayuda a Yi Yao y la motiva para ser valiente. Lentamente, Yi Yao pasa de ser un inseguro...

Cry Me A Sad River.